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ALPSTEINER energeto PASSIVE ® Windows are made ​​of high-quality profiles energeto ® 8000 ALUPLAST renowned German manufacturer, which since its launch of the best in its class. This system is remarkable thermal properties (internal bond), as well as replacing steel reinforcement with fiberglass reinforced bulkheads assembled by gluing insulating double or triple in the wings.

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Plastic windows Inoutic Prestige

Plastic box of 76 plastic profile Inoutic Prestige in design with protruding wing shape and optically gives the impression of a wooden box (of course if a suitable choice of colors – wood pattern).

6-chamber plastic box with 76 Roto NT is suitable for family, apartment buildings, as well as for users who are looking for variety of shape reminiscent of an earlier wooden windows. The windows are also suitable for industrial buildings.

If you are interested in the price of plastic windows send us the required size and then receive a quote vinyl windows for your apartment or house-to-measure.


Plastic windows GEALAN 7000+ IQ (hanging profile)

Frame with 83 mm construction depth offers significant advantages! There you can fit everything makes a strong profile. First of all, the six chambers that provide excellent protection from the cold and noise. In particular, the middle seal system S 7000 IQ plus the heat transfer coefficients as low as the value of Uf = 0.98 W / m² K. This will significantly reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions. With its 83 mm also provides increased strength corners and higher stability window. Large steel reinforcement also ensures high stability profile and stable base for fitting – this is a big benefit of the new S 7000 IQ plus in terms of protection against penetration / burglary.

Plastic windows GEALAN 8000 IQ

S 8000 IQ demonstrated a consistent orientation GEALAN market needs. The design of this system to stop sealing and structural depth of 74 mm, the company concentrated on economic efficiency and optimization of material consumption – for a smooth and cost-effective processing of the manufacturers of windows.


Plastic windows LUXOR NORDIC (Termolux)

Windows NORDIC LUXOR series are produced using the latest technology on its own 7-chamber profile system LUXOR. Their advantages include high strength and elasticity along with shape and color fastness. Excellent insulating properties guarantees the resistance to weathering and aggressive weather. With a wide selection of shapes, layout and colors to suit any architectural project. Profile system LUXOR is a modern 7-chamber system made of grade A quality and clean plastic. Width of main runners 75 and 80 mm and seven distribution chamber is designed so that the heat transfer profile is minimized. The profile system is manufactured in the Czech Republic, Czech entirely of materials, Czech workers.


Plastic windows ALPSTEINER bluEvolution®

ALPSTEINER bluEvolution ® windows are made of high-profile German manufacturer Salamander Industrie-Produkte GmbH and since its introduction in 2010, the tip of the plastic windows on the European and world markets. Besides the classical and elegant appearance is one of their strengths especially heat-insulating properties – in suitable glazing can be achieved by a heat transfer coefficient at the box Uf = 0.8 W/m2.K. Are standard windows with triple glazing isolačním heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0.5 to W/m2.K. Structural and mechanical properties of windows are enhanced by the unique geometry of the inner chambers and solid galvanized steel frame and fitting the wing. Safety First provides perimeter security hardware Winkhaus aktivPilot with adjustable micro-ventilation and closing with three extra points. Profile bluEvolution ® made from high quality plastic designed especially for passive and low-energy buildings. Typical is its robustness, which is down to superior construction depth of 92 mm in the frame and sash, and the overall visual height of 118 mm. The heat transfer coefficient of the profile is on the edge of technical feasibility – Uf = 1.0 W/m2.K and using termovýstuže even Uf = 0.9 W/m2.K. Especially for this purpose developed inner surface of the profile allows to use for glazing panels with thickness up to 60 mm, without compromising its mechanical properties.



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